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Innovative application of automation in bottle blowing machine

with the increasing popularity of automated production, the degree of automation of packaging machinery directly affects the quality and production efficiency of products. The following is the application of Siemens' fully integrated automation solution in bottle blowing machine

the packaging process of food and beverage is the final stage of the whole factory production, and it is also a key link involving all walks of life. With the increasing popularity of automated production, the degree of automation of packaging machinery directly affects the quality and production efficiency of products

in response to the growing market demand, Siemens provides a full range of products and perfect solutions from controllers to motors, actuators or sensors, and provides a full range of services and training from pre-sales to after-sales

Siemens' products and solutions are based on the following concepts: 1 Use modular, standardized and efficient engineering tools to reduce development, production and installation costs; Use a concise and easy-to-use system to reduce operating costs. 2. Use mature technology, spare parts warehouses all over the world and after-sales support to ensure long service life and low maintenance cost of the equipment. 3. Adopt high-performance control system to increase the capacity of the manufacturer. 4. Replace mechanical scheme with electronic scheme as far as possible to increase the safety of user investment

recently, Siemens Automation and drive group and its partners cooperated with the bottle blowing machine business department of daylon group to successfully apply Siemens' fully integrated automation solution to its newly developed RJM high-speed full-automatic bottle blowing machine, which applies Siemens' new generation of electrical control technology and products, such as S-Series PLC and Micromaster 440 standard inverter, PROFIBUS high-speed field bus, TP270 high-performance color touch screen is the professional term of testing machine in PROFIBUS high-speed testing machine factory. In particular, on RJM high-speed automatic bottle blowing machine, Siemens' most advanced SCALANCE w wireless Ethernet technology replaces the traditional mechanical slip ring, thus ensuring the high-speed and reliable operation of the whole machine

the whole system includes the PLC master station SDP of the main cabinet, the PLC slave station s7314c-2dp on the rotating frame, the master station and the slave station are connected by wireless Ethernet, and the Micromaster 440 standard frequency converter directly controls the master transmission system and the transmission transmission transmission system. All drive systems are linked to the PLC via fieldbus PROFIBUS-DP

the application of the unified system configuration tool STEP7 enables all data, parameters and systems to be saved in one project file, which can save a lot of configuration, startup and maintenance costs; The display interface adopts TP270 high-performance color touch screen, which has rich graphic and text display functions, and also has rich, so it has become a new type of fire hazard diagnosis and processing screen; Using PROFIBUS, you can directly access the drive system and monitor the system status; The fault tracking system displays all fault information in time, which greatly facilitates the user's equipment maintenance

the PLC master station in the main cabinet and the PLC slave station on the rotating frame transmit data through wireless Ethernet at high speed and safely, which solves the bottleneck of previous data transmission and greatly strengthens the scalability of the machine. Wireless communication is adopted to directly replace sliding contacts and streamers, saving space, highly flexible implementation, reducing the workload of communication network installation, shortening the project cycle, and no wear and tear of rotating and mobile equipment or factory components

the SDP in the main cabinet is used to control the heating, loading and unloading of the bottle embryo, which can more accurately control the temperature of the bottle embryo; The s7314c-2dp on the rotating frame controls bottle blowing (such as sealing, stretching, first blow, second blow, pressure maintaining, etc.). The advantage of this is that it can more accurately control the timing of bottle blowing and improve the quality of bottles. By improving the performance of CPU (such as replacing s), more bottle blowing mold cavities can be installed to improve the bottle blowing speed. The high-speed communication between the two CPUs of the main cabinet and the rotating cabinet can be realized through the wireless Ethernet, which can improve the real-time performance of the signal, simplify the program and improve the efficiency

in addition, Sidel displayed its new generation of linear bottle blowing machine SBO compact at the 2005 world beverage and liquid food technology Expo (Drinktec) held at the New International Exhibition Center in Munich, Germany, from September 12 to 17, 2005. The machine adopts a linear structure and has 2 to 4 mold cavities with low test repeatability, so as to meet the market demand for small equipment with high cost performance

the machine is equipped with Siemens' new generation of motion control product Simo sensor. The internal resistance strain gauge accuracy of the sensor is not high, the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, and the sensor data is not good, which will affect the accuracy of the sensor. The machine can achieve 1000 movements per second, and the accuracy can reach 0.1 mm. It has a highly flexible virtual cam function. (end)

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