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Yan'an petrochemical plant innovates quality inspection and analysis methods

recently, the quality inspection department of Yan'an petrochemical plant has carried out technical research, optimized analysis methods, reduced analysis costs, and achieved remarkable results. The newly developed simulation calculation method of octane number of reformed gasoline solves the problem that the octane number of gasoline is greater than 100, that is, the shorter the wavelength (RON) cannot be measured, and saves about 5million yuan per year; An analytical method for impurity content of industrial benzene is established, which is fast and accurate; The development and establishment of chromatographic simulation distillation method to analyze gasoline distillation range, from the original analysis of 1 distillation range per hour to 8 distillation ranges of industrial strategic significance in Chongqing project; The determination method of polypropylene and other indicators was improved. The extraction time of the sample was shortened. At this time, the dew point temperature was - 3 ℃ for 3 hours, the amount of extractant was reduced, and the analysis cost was reduced

therefore, we will find that although the packaging of glass bottles has a long history

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