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Today, we learned from Shanghai building materials group that the curtain wall glass of Shanghai center building, a new landmark of Shanghai, with a total height of 632 meters in Lujiazui, Pudong, is all provided by its yaopi glass (600819) company. This "time-honored brand" enterprise seeks transformation through innovative development, so that the traditional building materials industry and new materials can be accelerated. It is not easy to disconnect the power supply. Now it is "connected". At present, 90% of the group's products are strategic emerging industries, which are widely used in municipal construction, real estate, new energy, automobiles, rail transit, environmental protection, medical treatment, military industry and other fields

many enterprises of Shanghai building materials group used to be in an extensive production mode, and their products cover all kinds of building materials such as bricks and tiles. There are prominent problems of high energy consumption, serious pollution and low added value. If traditional industries actively conform to the development direction of the times, they will have the opportunity to transform into high-tech industries. To this end, Shanghai Building Materials Group has accelerated the pace of structural adjustment and technological transformation, worked hard to achieve product upgrading, defined the development strategy of focusing on new energy and new materials, and formed three business pillars: high-end glass, new materials based on rock wool and composite materials, and comprehensive utilization of resources

glass is the core business of Shanghai Building Materials Group. Yaopi company is committed to developing float glass with the world's advanced level. Its hard coated low radiation glass production line represents the world's most advanced Low-E technology. The introduction and use of this product greatly promote the green energy conservation of Chinese buildings. The automobile grade privacy (black) glass developed and produced by yaopi Tianjin float production line is one of the most difficult and technologically advanced glasses at present. Compared with similar foreign products, yaopi's products with independent intellectual property rights have better comprehensive performance, more stable optical performance and more outstanding energy-saving effect. Yaopi high-quality float glass is mainly supplied to auto glass manufacturers and used in building curtain walls, mirror making, hollow and other deep-processing fields. Its products are widely used in Shanghai center building, Shanghai World Financial Center, Hong Kong World Trade Plaza, Russian Federation building and other landmark buildings. With a production capacity of 2.2 million sets of automotive glass, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai General Motors American futa said: "If you want to improve fuel efficiency, special, French Citroen, Korean Hyundai and other domestic and foreign automobile production enterprises provide supporting supplies.

in order to vigorously develop the circular economy, Shanghai Building Materials Group is accelerating the transformation and development of the cement industry. The sludge deep dehydration project of Jinshan sewage treatment plant built by Shanghai Building Materials Group Cement Co., Ltd. on its own technology has been successfully commissioned and treated harmlessly. Every cement enterprise of Shanghai Building Materials Group With the annual treatment of hundreds of thousands of tons of urban waste and nearly 10000 tons of toxic and hazardous waste in medicine and chemical industry, it has become the "street sweeper" of Shanghai metropolis. At present, Shanghai Building Materials Group is cooperating with advantageous enterprises at home and abroad to invest 2billion yuan to build a demonstration base for comprehensive utilization of resources in Pudong, Shanghai, and gradually form a cement industry chain suitable for urban development and related to circular economy. The project will soon start construction. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will digest more than 2 million tons of sludge and other wastes from Bailong port sewage treatment plant every year, so that the cement industry can truly transform into an urban environmental service industry

in order to stay close to Shanghai's leading pillar industry, grasp the trend of automobile lightweight, and develop FRP auto parts, Shanghai Building Materials Group has invested and built three FRP auto parts production lines of SMC, RTM, and Pt, forming an annual production capacity of 500000 sets of spare parts. It is a leading enterprise in China that has the same three processes of SMC, RTM, and Pt, can produce the integral cab of FRP cars, and has the ability to develop a complete set of new products, It is also the first FRP auto parts manufacturer to adopt lft-d production technology in China. In recent years, Shanghai Building Materials Group has also developed and launched new materials such as large-diameter glass fiber winding pipes, PPR pipes, colored asphalt tiles, aerated blocks (plates), military ceramics, etc. these new materials are a new generation of energy-saving and environmental protection products, which have played a guiding role in the promotion and application of new materials in Shanghai. Zhonghua glass () Department

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