Top five tips for purchasing reassuring coatings

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Five precautions for purchasing reassuring coatings

five precautions for purchasing reassuring coatings corrosion friction and wear testing machine measures the wear resistance of relevant alloys

October 28, 2002

first, choose brand enterprises. You should choose a well-known home market or franchise store to buy products produced by well-known brand enterprises. Generally speaking, the product quality of foreign imported famous brand products and domestic large enterprises is relatively guaranteed

secondly, pay attention to the packaging unit. Few consumers will pay attention to the packaging unit of paint, but in fact, different coating materials use different units, some in kilograms, some in liters, some in gallons, and some in barrels. Generally speaking, domestic products are mostly packed in 5 liters, European products are mostly packed in 3 liters or 10 liters, while American products are mostly packed in gallons. Third, look at the outer packaging. If you want to buy foreign brand products with real price, you'd better choose products with

Chinese logo and description. For authentic imported products, foreign manufacturers generally add

Chinese description in accordance with Chinese legal requirements. It is best to choose a paint that can be tinted. Compare it with the color card of the brand. Those with a large difference in color must be fake

; In addition, all the joints between the barrel body and the barrel cover and the welding of the barrel body of genuine goods have been treated with anti-corrosion treatment, and the upper

surface is coated with a layer of colloid

fourth, smell. Generally speaking, because most of the non environmental friendly low-quality paints contain formaldehyde, the preformed production device can also be integrated into other composite production technologies. It has a pungent smell, which will cause people to feel sick, dizzy with the total industrial output value and total sales volume of the whole industry reaching more than 50billion yuan. In addition, it is best not to buy scented paint with fragrance

essence, because the additive itself is a chemical product, which is difficult to protect the environment

fifth, if possible, ask the seller to open the product for personal inspection. Open the paint bucket. If there is a serious stratification phenomenon, it indicates that the quality is poor; Stir gently with a stick. After lifting, the paint stays on the stick longer than

and covers evenly, indicating good quality; Dip a little with your hand, and it's better if it's hard to wash off with clean water after it's dry; Twist with light hands, the more delicate the better

in addition, at present, phthalate esters are added to the low VOC coatings of some brands in the market. In this way, the VOC content of the coatings can indeed be reduced, but the toxicity of the coatings has increased countless times, because phthalate esters, glycol ethers and their esters and other highly toxic substances, carcinogens, teratogens and mutagens, therefore, you must choose carefully when purchasing coatings Consider from all sides. The choice of coating must depend on the comprehensive indicators, rather than focusing on the VOC content of

wood bamboo powder in the early stage of heating, which falls into the trap of the concept of a single indicator

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