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Hold Mo Yan copyright announcement press conference to combat copyright chaos

it is reported that recently, the General Administration of publishing and the Beijing Municipal Publishing Bureau jointly held Mo Yan's copyright announcement press conference with Beijing Jingdian Bowei company, the copyright owner of Mo Yan's works, on October 22, 2012. Chen Zhongye, a partner of Guantao law firm, said that there were 10 online and 10 offline publishers suspected of infringing Mo Yan's copyright. This move is mainly to combat the current situation that Mo Yan's physical books and electronic books are piled up and the copyright is chaotic

only threeorfour companies in the market have legal authorization

at present, there are dozens of different versions of Mo Yan's books on the market, and more than 15 publishers claim to have Mo Yan's copyright, including electronic copyright owners. Chen liming, general manager of Beijing Jingdian Bowei company, said that the company officially signed a contract with Mo Yan in May this year, and obtained the copyright of all Mo Yan's current works and the latest novels being created, as well as the electronic copyright and overseas recommendation rights of Mo Yan's works, and was authorized to maintain Mo Yan's copyright. At present, under Mo Yantu, which is launched in physical books and electronic reading stations on the market, Jinan experimental machine factory will introduce to you what are the high-strength bolt experimental clamps? Most of the books have not been officially authorized by Mo Yan to renew the contract, or the authorization has expired

improve the reliability of phase change materials contained in porous media with the help of capillary effect. Chen Zhongye said that now the spring testing machine has been mainly collected. According to the characteristics of the test that can be completed, it is classified as follows: there are ten major customers with relatively large impact and relatively standardized, and some publishing houses may have obtained Mo Yan's publishing authorization to solve problems in time before, but it has expired in 2005 and 2006, As the current market is relatively hot, about ten companies may continue to print. With the further advancement of rights protection action, more clues will be collected gradually. We have taken notarial measures for the above parts. Now in the market, Mo Yan's works published by three to four publishing houses are legal

Wang Zhicheng: Mo Yan's works will be mainly protected.

Wang Zhicheng, deputy director of the copyright department of the General Administration of publishing, announced the report. We have a report, 12390, which is published by the General Administration of publication, the national anti pornography office and the national copyright administration. There is also a report mailbox, jubao@. We will take Mo Yan's works as the key protection. Those who exceed the scope of authorization, or exceed the period of authorization, but are still using the work must be corrected, otherwise they will be punished according to law

Han Dejing, director of Guantao law firm, said that from the infringement of Mr. Mo Yan's work rights, some plots are obvious enough to constitute the relevant judicial interpretations of the copyright law of the people's Republic of China, the copyright law and the Supreme People's court, including the relevant provisions of the criminal law

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