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Grasp the briquette packaging and grasp the industry opportunity

[China Packaging News] when it comes to the packaging of briquettes, from the perspective of the briquette manufacturers I have contacted, many people do not know much about this aspect, and some even have no concept at all. After the production of that thing, it can be directly loaded and transported out. Why do you have to pack it

at present, many manufacturers hold this view on the packaging of briquette. However, with the successive introduction of various national environmental protection policies, in addition to the sensitive words of non renewable resources, coal bosses and local tyrants, another sensitive word has appeared, or began to attract the attention of the government and coal bosses, that is, environmental protection

people engaged in coal business in and around Beijing should notice that there are stricter restrictions on the entry of bulk coal into the market in the capital. OK, now it comes to packaging. First, briquette packaging can eliminate the phenomenon of coal ash overflowing during transportation; Second, briquette packaging can improve the grade of products; Third, briquette packaging can effectively reduce manual labor, improve work efficiency, and then reduce the operating costs of enterprises

in Shenmu, Shanxi and Beijing, many enterprises producing briquette have begun to use packaging briquette equipment, and there is a large enterprise making clean coal in Beijing, which began to use our equipment to package briquette 2 or 3 years ago. Note that the problem comes at this time. It is a serious problem. Since some manufacturers have begun to use packaging equipment for final acceptance of equipment and preparation of packaged briquette a few years ago, why hasn't the briquette packaging been heated up now? Yes, that's the problem. Today's society is an information society. Who can seize the opportunity and develop. Just think, others have been using packaging equipment to pack briquettes a few years ago. You still don't know what's wrong with briquette packaging. You don't have any concept of briquette packaging in your mind. Excuse me, what do you take to compete with others? There are many factors that determine the success of an enterprise from childhood, but there must be one factor, that is, the sense of advance. Why did others start using packaging equipment a few years ago, and why did they still have no concept of this? what is it? Isn't this backward

but it is gratifying that now more and more customers have contacted me to ask about briquette packaging equipment. This is a good phenomenon and start, indicating that everyone has begun to re-examine the products they produce

price. This is a high voltage line. Some manufacturers blindly pursue cheap prices? Come on, everyone is in business. They are no strangers to cost, selling price and profit. Good quality and low price is nonsense. There is no absolute good and low price at all, only relative good and low price. What is relative good and low price? That is, the price I give you is acceptable to you, or you bargain. I think this price is acceptable to me. I still have money to earn. This is called relatively good quality and low price. Don't figure out where the quality comes from when the price is too cheap. The quality depends on the cost. For a single scale of 60000 yuan, someone offers you more than 30000. Don't you consider why it is so low? There are more than 90000 double scales, and someone has offered you 56000. Don't you consider why it is so low

of course, just like Shanzhai and brand, they can adopt reasonable structure and function design to send text messages. Whose quality is more guaranteed "By the end of 2015, whose failure rate is low? Whose failure rate is high? Whose after-sales service is more reassuring? In addition to technology and brand influence, this is your price. To be clear, what you buy is a set of equipment that can help you save money and make money, not a pile of scrap iron. It doesn't matter to pursue a low price, but please don't blindly pursue a low price, otherwise, what you buy back is likely to be a pile of scrap iron.

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