Aluminum packaging of the hottest wine has attract

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Aluminum packaging of wine has attracted attention

it is predicted that aluminum bottle packaging is likely to be popular for wine in 2006. Many foreign businesses are conducting research on the application of negative growth for the first time in the past five years

toyratlmagery, a packaging design company in Sonoma County, California, has established an aluminum bottle consortium and is cooperating with various experts to develop aluminum wine bottles with standard bottle shape and size. Icosar is also cooperating with the company of gay rat image of geyserville to jointly work on the project named "aluminum bottle Consortium". Tinknell, a wine marketing company based in heldsburg, once participated in the market operation of black box company and is now cooperating with local wineries to study the use of independent aluminum bottles to hold wine

the new aluminum manufacturing technology can make aluminum into any size and shape. In the future, aluminum wine bottles will not be as light and thin as many soda cans. They are high-end products that can replace plastic, cartons and other alternative packaging. Compared with traditional glass bottle packaging, aluminum bottle packaging is light, not easy to break, low cost, and six colors can be printed from the bottle body to the bottleneck

source: Chinalco

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