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What are the elements of a safe workplace? Safety equipment, warning signs, safer machines? They all help, but it is people who can really create a strong safety culture. In Stora Enso, this means investigating the root cause of the accident, sharing our experience, and caring for each other

Jani jumppanen, safety director of Stora Enso packaging paperboard business unit, said: "when an accident occurs, the most important thing is to find the root cause of the accident, not just respond to the direct cause. If someone slips on the ice, we can say that the direct cause is the ice is slippery, but what is the root cause? Is there no gravel in this area? Why not? Is there a process that needs our improvement?"

"in the final analysis, this is about trust," said Sari sarin, head of occupational health and safety at Stora Enso. "When employees trust each other, they will dare to admit that they have made a mistake, dare to say 'I caused this accident', and then work together to find the root cause, learn lessons and make improvements - this is the best way to ensure safety."

best practices can also be shared among teams, new employees, and workplaces such as workshops. "This is not a difficult thing. Sharing what you have learned may be able to carry out a/d conversion directly without amplification and save lives." Jumppanen said

continuous improvement

safety is the top priority of all Stora Enso factories

ARI Lakka, an operator who has worked in Stora Enso for 38 years, witnessed how the safety work of anjala paper mill has been gradually improved over the years, He said, "making the workplace safe is an endless project. But compared with when we first started working here, we have far fewer accidents and the risks we take are not so high. We have safety equipment, safety shoes and goggles to make us more sensitive. The quality of the sensor determines the accuracy and force measuring stability of the experimental machine is more safe, and the modern machine is more convenient to operate. Moreover, the construction cycle is shorter."

modern machinery and safety equipment not only provide protection, but also a visual signal that the workplace attaches importance to safety. But they are not enough. "Safety equipment such as helmets and goggles can't eliminate the root causes of danger, such as unclear processes or outdated working methods," jumppanen said. "Safety culture is very important to them. We should let everyone know why they want to do this, so that we can work together to create new processes and truly solve problems."

people are the key

safety culture sounds good, but what does it mean for employees of the enterprise

Iida vertanen, maintenance engineer of ingerois Paperboard Factory, said, "we have been discovering and repairing machine faults, but the safety culture focuses on people, that is, people's behavior and reasons. Sometimes, when people hold different opinions, implementing innovation is a challenge, but different opinions also help us to look at problems from different perspectives."

vert, as a "warm-up" before the meeting, Anen also used his safety training knowledge outside the factory. "It has had a huge impact on my personal life," vertanen added. "A few days ago, I was working on the roof of my home. It suddenly occurred to me that my manager would never let me work at this height without a seat belt. So, I know what I want to buy next!"

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