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To help customers succeed, Sanren machinery has always been your solid backing

to help customers succeed, Sanren machinery has always been your solid backing

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original title: to help customers succeed, Sanren machinery has always been your solid backing

in recent years, the real estate industry has never been brilliant, and so has the flooring industry closely connected with it. While the whole country is advocating environmental protection and ecological civilization construction, the flooring industry is also facing transformation and change. For example, the restriction on the time period of concrete transportation vehicles on the road forces the concrete base construction to be more efficient. There are many such examples, all of which require the construction team of the flooring industry to be more standardized, and improving construction efficiency and building it into a good brand has become the concern of the entire flooring industry

in the past, in the construction process of base concrete floor, the construction unit often increased the efficiency by increasing human input. However, under the new situation of the transformation and reform of the flooring industry, the construction units have become increasingly cautious in increasing human input, for the following two reasons:

(1) the wages of migrant workers are rising: from a macro perspective, the wages of migrant workers are increasing year by year, from more than 1300 yuan/month per capita in 2008 to more than 3200 yuan/month per capita in 2016. In just eight years, the per capita monthly wage of migrant workers has risen to 2.5 times the original

(2) the growth rate of the total labor force in the flooring industry has decreased year by year: as far as the whole construction industry is concerned, the working environment in the flooring industry is relatively poor, the working hours are relatively long, and the working hours are irregular, which makes the flooring industry less attractive to the new generation of migrant workers

the above reasons not only cause the embarrassing situation that the construction team needs people but also dare not recruit people, but also greatly compress the profit space of floor construction. Therefore, mechanized construction has become the only feasible solution and future development trend to save the construction cost per unit area and increase the profit space

as a sub industry that has achieved traceability in the construction of construction projects, floor construction enterprises often belong to small and medium-sized enterprises or even construction teams. In the construction of many projects, although the use of laser leveling machine for construction is a way to save the construction cost per unit area, improve the construction quality and increase profits, the purchase of laser leveling machine requires a one-time investment, which is undoubtedly a lot of investment for the floor construction enterprises that are just getting started or have temporary difficulties in capital turnover. The contradiction that post-processing heat treatment can be used to obtain the most suitable crystallinity of PEEK film often causes the floor construction enterprises to shelve or give up purchasing machinery and equipment, leading to a vicious circle of increasing labor cost investment

"everything for the customer, everything for the customer", in order to solve the problem of capital turnover when customers purchase laser leveling machines, Sanren machine "So we have reached a strategic cooperation with Ping An financial services, providing financial support to customers in 71 cities and 438 regions across the country. When selling equipment, we can accept customers' annual installment payment, help customers succeed, and be your solid backing, so that you have no worries!

in this financial cooperation, Sanren machinery and Ping An Pratt & Whitney have provided customers with a variety of ways of capital loans with zero handling charges, and customers can choose according to their own needs." It has the advantages of high quota, super convenience, wide coverage, flexible repayment, borrowing and repayment, and daily interest calculation. Please contact your exclusive account manager for details

the sales team of Hunan Sanren Machinery Co., Ltd. has always put customer needs first with years of experience in the field of construction machinery and a deep understanding of customer needs. It not only provides support in terms of capital turnover, but also our sales staff will be on call to answer customers' questions and provide the best construction solutions and optimal equipment configuration suggestions. Choose Sanren, we will escort you on your way to success

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