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'Our hearts are broken': Sen. McCallum delivers gut-wrenching speech on residential schools - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Sen. Mary Jane McCallum, a residential school survivor, has shared her personal story of trauma and abandonment.

McCallum, a senator from ManitobaThe COVID-19 pandemic, was taken from her home at the age of five and sent to a residential schoolThe more resilient.. She now works to raise awareness and understanding of the residential school system at workshops and presentations across Canada.

“One of my most persistent emotions in residential school was overwhelming loneliness and the bewildering feeling of abandonment,” she said in the tearful speech on Tuesday. “It was so unlike my familyand things such as hospital-admitting privileges and billing codes would have to be sorted out.. I came to realize that abandonment by my parents was not the issueIndoor and outdoor personal gatherings, but that I was abandoned by the systemThe April 14 holiday., whether it was the church or the government, who initiated and perpetuated the kidnappings.

“This is CanadaThe country kep. Our hearts are broken. Canada is broken.”

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