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Shenyang "92125" builds the "aircraft carrier" of equipment manufacturing industry

"now Tiexi is not Tiexi in the traditional sense, but a new Tiexi and a big Tiexi." Recently, Li Ji'an, member of the Standing Committee of Shenyang municipal Party committee and Secretary of Tiexi District Party committee, received an exclusive interview from China industry news. Li Ji'an introduced in detail the current development status and future vision of Shenyang Tiexi District after the strategic adjustment and transformation of "moving east and building west"

Li Ji'an led some leaders of Tiexi District Party committee and the general managers of eight heavyweight enterprises in the District, including Shenyang Machine Tool Group and Shenyang Blower Group, to Beijing. He intended to negotiate with Tsinghua University and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics on school city cooperation and the establishment of public R & D platforms, talent training platforms and other related matters, so as to reserve the source of technology and talent for building Tiexi into an internationally competitive advanced equipment manufacturing base

industry experts commented: "no matter the intensity of equipment manufacturing enterprises or the overall scale of the industry, for a region, no country or city in the world, such as the annealing of PC shaped products, can compare with Tiexi District of Shenyang, which is well deserved as the 'first industrial district of China'."

building a world-class equipment manufacturing base with international competitiveness is a strategic task put forward by Li Keqiang, then Secretary of the Liaoning provincial Party committee, to Shenyang in early 2007. In order to better accomplish this important task, Li Ji'an introduced that Tiexi District has sent teams to the United States, Germany, Japan and South Korea to investigate. Through understanding and learning from the experience of international industrial developed cities, Tiexi District has formulated an important strategic plan to accelerate the construction of "aircraft carrier" in China's advanced equipment manufacturing industry

"92125" set sail why Tiexi was compared to a huge "aircraft carrier". Li Ji'an explained to him that on the one hand, from the perspective of the location characteristics of Tiexi, the industrial space layout of Tiexi was in a corridor structure, and the spatial development direction was an open coastline, just like an aircraft carrier running to the sea, while the territory of Tiexi was like the huge deck of the aircraft carrier of Mr. Paul Young, CEO of the denipe group. At present, Tiexi District has a land area of 480 square kilometers and a population of 1.14 million. In addition to the equipment manufacturing cluster, there are Shenyang Chemical Industrial Park and metallurgical industrial park with a planned area of 30 square kilometers respectively

on the other hand, it refers to the solid foundation for Tiexi to build an "aircraft carrier". Tiexi is the secondary industry development axis of eight urban agglomerations in Shenyang Economic Zone, and the number of equipment manufacturing enterprises above designated size has reached 500. Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd., northern Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and Yuanda Co., Ltd., three enterprises of different ownership, have exceeded the output value of 10 billion yuan. The domestic market share of 44 products in the region ranks first in the same industry, and 21 products rank among the top 10 in the world. According to statistics, the main economic indicators of Tiexi District have always maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 30% in recent years. In 2007, the total industrial economy of the whole district reached 120billion yuan, equivalent to the total industry of the whole city in 2002

he further introduced, "we call this' aircraft carrier '92125', that is, the industrial development idea of '92125' we have established."

among them, "9" refers to the nine leading industries in Tiexi equipment manufacturing cluster. It is to strengthen and expand the nine industries of CNC machine tools, general petrochemical equipment, and common guide to see fault 4: mining machinery, power transmission and transformation equipment, engineering machinery, automobiles and parts, new energy equipment, agricultural machinery, and environmental protection equipment. "2" refers to the cultivation of 20 enterprise groups with an output value of more than 10billion yuan. Through ten years' efforts, 20 enterprises including Shenyang machine tool, North heavy industry, Yuanda Group and Shengu will be built into world-class enterprises; "1" refers to 100 world-class products. At present, 21 products in Tiexi District have reached the international leading level

"2" refers to the construction of 20 industrial clusters supporting the equipment manufacturing industry. At present, 10 basic industrial clusters, such as instruments and meters, molds and die castings, machine pump valves, casting and forging, have a certain scale (there are more than 200 enterprises). "5" refers to accelerating the construction of five public service platforms, including basic manufacturing, public research and development, financial services, modern logistics, and talent training

ten bases boost the "aircraft carrier"

"building an internationally competitive advanced equipment manufacturing base is a huge systematic project. It must be supported and enriched by several R & D and manufacturing bases. Tiexi has a complete range of industrial categories, and most of the industry leaders are concentrated in this region." Li Ji'an said that Tiexi District is relying on key enterprises to build ten bases

first, the research and development and production base of CNC machine tools. Mainly relying on Shenyang machine tool group. In 2007, the annual turnover of Shenyang machine tool not only ranked first in China, but also ranked eighth in the world machine tool industry, with a sales volume of 10.7 billion yuan. The CNC Machine Tool Industrial Park, with a total investment of 2.7 billion yuan and an area of 1.15 million square meters, is also about to be completed, and is accelerating towards the goal of becoming one of the top three machine tools in the world

second, general petrochemical equipment base. It is mainly based on Shengu group. The million ton ethylene compressor developed and produced by Shengu group not only fills the domestic gap, but also has reached the world advanced level in technology, and has the ability to seize market share with Ge in the United States and Siemens in Germany

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