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Shenyang machine tool is expected to lose 1.1 billion in the first half of 2019

on May 22, 2018, Shenyang Machine Tool Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kunming Machine Tool) was delisted by the Shanghai stock exchange because it hit two delisting indicators of net profit and net assets

just one year after the delisting of Kunming Machine, Shenyang machine tool, also controlled by Shenyang machine group, had a difficult time. On July 12 this year, Shenyang Machine Tool reported a loss of 1.1 billion to 1.45 billion yuan in the first half of 2019, following a loss of -788 million yuan in 2018

it is reported that continuous losses have led to a serious shortage of funds for Shenyang machine tool, which is facing the dilemma of bankruptcy and reorganization. If the reorganization fails, there will be the risk of being declared bankrupt, which means that Shenyang machine tool has directly faced the risk of delisting

once brilliant for a while

Shenyang Machine Tool came from Shenyang first machine tool plant (later Shenyang Machine Tool Group). As one of the eighteen Luohan plants established in New China, it was once one of the top representatives of China's machine tool industry

China's first ordinary lathe, the first horizontal boring machine, the first vertical drilling machine and the first CNC lathe were all born in Shenyang machine tool group. Since the founding of the people's Republic of China, it has provided more than one million machine tools in various fields of China's national economy

it is reported that one of every 10 machine tools in China's local market is made by Shenyang machine tool, and one of every 5 CNC machine tools is made by Shenyang machine tool

in 2011, Shenyang machine tool was at the top of the world and ranked first in the world

loss trajectory

if 2 according to the raw material brand of the samples to be tested, 2011 was a very cold year for Shenyang machine tool, then after 2012, it was the beginning of Shenyang machine tool towards loss

from 2012 to 2014, Shenyang machine tool sales revenue was still the first in the global machine tool industry, but its profits fell significantly, and even lost money without government subsidies

after 2015, the huge loss of Shenyang machine tool caused by government subsidies has been a drop in the bucket, and the net profit loss in 2016 was as high as 1.4 billion yuan

judging from the financial report figures, Shenyang machine tool has a feeling of going further and further on the road of loss

the turnaround occurred in 2017. In 2017, Shenyang machine tool achieved an operating revenue of 4.189 billion yuan, a net profit of 118 million yuan, and an owner's equity attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 865 million yuan, finally turning losses into profits

the main way for Shenyang machine tool to get out of danger is to peel off assets. Some plastics also have strong high-temperature stability and good heat resistance. Therefore, the concrete formed has three measures: good performance of heat insulation, debt exemption and government subsidies. Some people in the industry commented on the gorgeous turn, which was amazing

what's the problem?

global sales number one, but profits fell precipitously

some people say that machine tools are not. Naturally, they cannot make profits with small profits and large quantities like Foxconn

guanxiyou, former chairman of Shenyang machine tool, once said that the key lies in the control of core technology in the hands of foreign parties. The CNC system on the CNC machine tools of Shenyang Machinery Group can only be imported, and the cost of the CNC system accounts for 40% of the total cost of the machine tools on average, because these fields require structural components with good fatigue resistance

what about the i5 of Shenyang machine tool

after the successful research and development of i5 intelligent CNC system in 2012, it once won tens of thousands of large orders, creating a miracle in the sales of new category machine tools in the history of machine tools in the world. For example, Huawei and Xiaomi in China have purchased a large number of Shenyang Machine Tool i5 intelligent machine tools, with an order contract of more than 1billion yuan

Guan Xiyou believes that from a technical point of view, the i5 intelligent system has opened a new era for the development of filter Yang machine tools without infarct instigators. I5 series machine tools not only have high control accuracy of error compensation technology, but also realize the intellectualization of operation, programming, maintenance and management as an intelligent terminal based on interconnection

it is reported that machine tool users only need to purchase 2-3 machine tools, and all processing needs can be completed with only one clamping, which reduces the user's equipment input cost, reduces the manual use cost, and reduces the floor area of the equipment

at that time, i5 intelligent system was known as the pioneer of industrial 4.0 reform. The brilliant i5 series intelligent machine tools have enabled Shenyang machine tools to quickly open the market, and made the Chinese mother machine fight a turnaround

speaking of this, it seems that it has nothing to do with the loss of Shenyang machine tool. Shouldn't Shenyang machine tool, which is at the forefront of industry 4.0, fly all the way

however, the sharp increase in sales has also led the whole factory into a vicious circle of blindly expanding the scale, making many inputs of the factory useless, that is, the management and planning of the enterprise are unreasonable

the biggest problem of fund management is the sales link

Shenyang machine tool only evaluates the sales mechanism that has nothing to do with the payment, resulting in a large number of equipment sold only receiving 30% of the advance payment, and the rest receiving the payment according to the usage or value created by the machine tool buyer

it can be said that those employees of Shenyang machine tool, who have become rich in years, do not know that they are already in danger

now several executives have resigned one after another. Although Shenyang machine tool is besieged on all sides, the government subsidy to Shenyang machine tool is still increasing. I don't know what countermeasures Shenyang machine tool has for the current difficulties

frankly speaking, in this industrial 4.0 era, Shenyang machine tool will have a more bumpy road in the future

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