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Huoshenshan hospital cables, rapid detection reagents, disinfection robots... These "hard core" assistance was sent to Wuhan from Pudong

this Spring Festival holiday, from biomedicine, artificial intelligence to manufacturing, a group of enterprises in Pudong, Shanghai, showed their strengths, gave full play to their scientific research strength, technical strength and production strength, and went all out to support Wuhan and Hubei in combating the epidemic

cable manufacturers race against time to ensure supply

on the morning of February 2, after 10 days and 10 nights of continuous fighting by builders, Wuhan huoshenshan hospital was officially put into use, and the leishenshan hospital in Wuhan is also stepping up its construction. In the building structures of these two hospitals, the wires, cables and related equipment provided by two Pudong Enterprises - Shenghua group and epwharton group connect the "seven tendons and eight veins" of the hospital

after the construction project of huoshenshan hospital was determined, the contractor, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Group, urgently contacted the cooperative unit Shanghai Shenghua Cable Group, hoping to do everything possible to rush for help

after Shenghua headquarters learned about it, chairman zhangshengfei immediately made an effort to arrange the Central South company to send the goods stored in the warehouse to the construction site of huoshenshan hospital, and the subsequent goods were sent from Shanghai to Wuhan. If there was no stock, immediately organize employees to work overtime for production, and if there were special specifications, deploy them in other regions and send them to Wuhan. Since the deployment of inventory products from the warehouse of Wuhan company on the second day of the lunar new year, all wires and cables required by huoshenshan hospital have been delivered. The installation company of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau stepped up the installation and realized the power on before the delivery of the hospital

another enterprise in Pudong, epwharton group, received an urgent request for help from the project headquarters of Raytheon Mountain hospital on the morning of the fourth day of the lunar new year. Within 10 minutes, the group set up a leading group of "fighting the epidemic and assisting the disaster areas", headed by Hua Jiangang, the president of the group, to quickly start the arrangement and implementation of various work

the equipment and materials required by the Raytheon Mountain project headquarters are mainly the transmission, control and management system required by the hospital information construction, involving communication network, broadcast sound, signal and power transmission, etc. These systems, like the blood vessels and veins of a hospital, are related to whether the hospital can operate normally, whether it can provide sufficient protection, and whether it can give full play to the maximum energy efficiency of medical staff

the first batch of equipment urgently needed by leishenshan hospital is a large number, with a single category 6 network data cable of 200000 meters; Second, there are many varieties, and a small part of the equipment is very supplies. It is necessary to mobilize the materials of several warehouses in the Yangtze River Delta, including warehouse 1 of Hemudu, its e-commerce platform, which is located in Wuxi, Jiangsu; Third, customization. For several types of equipment, enterprises need to organize and arrange production overnight, and urgently mobilize cooperative manufacturers to ensure material supply

on January 30, 18 hours after receiving the help message, the motorcade loaded with rescue equipment and supplies set out for Wuhan. At present, the first batch of materials has arrived at the construction site. With the materials sent on February 2, a total of about 30 tons of equipment and materials have arrived one after another

Zhangjiang worked overtime to produce rapid detection reagents

"sticking to our posts and ensuring quality and quantity are our most powerful actions to prevent the epidemic." Since January 26, the 2019 ncov nucleic acid detection kit for covid-19 (fluorescent PCR method) developed by Shanghai secai lianglizhijiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. officially obtained the medical device registration certificate issued by the State Food and Drug Administration and became the first batch of four certified enterprises, the staff of this enterprise gave up the Spring Festival holiday and devoted themselves to the production of detection reagents. They cooperated with a winery in California

it is reported that the high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) typing nucleic acid assay kit developed by Zhijiang biology is the only domestic HPV reagent selected in the cervical cancer screening project of the Ministry of science and technology; The developed Ebola virus nucleic acid detection kit is the first product listed in the official procurement list of who and the United Nations in Chinese history

Outside the river of

, Shanghai Berger Biotechnology Co., Ltd., located in the park where the medicine should be adjusted if it is out of tolerance, has entered the first batch of emergency approval procedures of the State Drug Administration. During the outbreak of covid-19, the company quickly developed a series of related nucleic acid detection kits and passed laboratory validation

after the outbreak of novel coronavirus, Shanghai Xinchao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SBC biochip Shanghai National Engineering Research Center, carried out the research and development of the POCT rapid detection kit "novel coronavirus (2019 ncov) antibody detection kit (colloidal gold immunochromatography)" while developing the 2019 ncov nucleic acid detection kit for novel coronavirus on January 11. At present, core superorganism has successfully developed a POCT rapid detection kit, which uses immune colloidal gold chromatography technology to achieve in vitro qualitative detection of igm/igg antibodies against novel coronavirus in human serum, plasma or whole blood. The results can be observed within 15 minutes after adding samples

according to the introduction of core superbiology, this technology can be easily and quickly used for early screening and diagnosis of virus infection in community health service centers and grass-roots hospitals, so as to increase the timeliness of detection and diagnosis and treatment

disinfection robots stand on the front line of epidemic prevention

after the outbreak of the epidemic, disinfection robots made by Pudong enterprises have stood on the front line of epidemic prevention

at present, Shanghai titanium robot technology company has successively sent 42 disinfection robots to Hubei, and the prototypes in the exhibition hall have been requisitioned. These robots have been used 24 hours a day in 6 hospitals including Wuhan Central Hospital, Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital and Wuhan Central South Hospital

"when our robot products were tested and verified in the CDC, we carried out the killing experiment with the most difficult spores, and the killing rate was 99.9999%. I believe that for coronavirus, the killing effect of robots is also very good." Said Pan Jing, founder of Shanghai titanium Robot Technology Co., Ltd

titanium meter company said that it was ready to resume work as a whole and expand production. It is expected that after the resumption of work, the average monthly production capacity will reach about 450 units, and priority will be given to Wuhan and other areas with serious epidemic

text: Yang Zhenying, Xu Sufei

original title: huoshenshan hospital cable, rapid detection reagent, disinfection robot... These "hard core" assistance is sent from Pudong to Wuhan

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