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Shenyang family service network center and "968890" service line were officially opened on July 10. Lian Jiacheng, deputy director of the Shenyang Municipal People's Congress, and the deputy mayor of the city provided a new choice for the palette of automobile manufacturers. Qi Ming, President of the municipal family service association and Ji Jianzhong, a deputy municipal cadre, jointly opened the "968890" family service line. Vice Mayor Qi Ming spoke at the opening ceremony

figure: Shenyang leaders have opened the "968890" family service line

in the future, as long as you click on Shenyang family service or dial: 968890, you can enjoy convenient, safe and comprehensive family services without leaving home

family services are closely related to residents' daily life. With the gradual improvement of the living standards of urban residents, as well as the miniaturization of families, the aging of the population and the acceleration of the pace of life, residents' demand for family services is increasing. However, because the family service industry in our city is still in its infancy on the whole, especially because the supply and demand information is not correct, so as to achieve a comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable development, residents cannot find services and dare not accept services, and service enterprises do not know who needs services and what services they need, which inhibits the demand of residents for service consumption

in order to effectively alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand, according to the spirit of the instructions of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government on accelerating the development of Shenyang's service industry, the Municipal Service Industry Committee and the Municipal Finance Bureau, in accordance with the spirit of the notice on promoting the construction of domestic service network system issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of finance, based on the investigation of the current situation of our city's family service industry, and in line with the principles of high starting point planning and efficient operation, are recommended and reported to the Provincial Service Industry Committee for approval, Shenyang family service industry association was determined as the construction and operation unit of the home economics Court Service Network Center, and it was put into trial operation in early 2010

the investment of Shenyang family service network center is 3.6264 million yuan, with a construction area of 700 square meters, which is divided into call center, technical room, office, lounge and lecture hall; The hardware support system includes database server, application library server, search server, firewall, network switch, 30 call agents and 30 computers; The services offered include family services, maintenance services, elderly care services, medical services, property management, community shopping guides, housing rental and sale, talent recruitment, legal services, Pepsi, etc. A total of 1773 network centers have joined in to serve enterprises with new processes and new manufacturing technologies

this public welfare undertaking is another important achievement of the government in using modern network technology to serve the masses and do good and practical things for the masses

on the day of the opening of the network center and family services, more than 50 citizens asked for help to find nannies, Yuesao and so on


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