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Shenneng shares acquired six new energy projects of TBEA with 1.468 billion yuan

on the evening of December 20, Shenneng shares announced that its subsidiary Shenneng new energy (Qinghai) Co., Ltd. was transferred to TBEA Xinjiang new energy Co., Ltd. with a total transaction price of 1.468 billion yuan. (2) its strength and wear resistance were increased through appropriate heat treatment processes (quenching and tempering, carburizing and quenching, etc.); The six wind power and photovoltaic power station projects wholly owned by the company have a total installed capacity of 179500 kW, including 49500 kW of wind power and 130000 kW of photovoltaic power generation. Shenneng said that this transaction is conducive to improving the scale of the company's new energy power and enhancing the competitiveness of its main business

in recent years, Shenneng shares, as an old power generation enterprise, has significantly increased its investment in the field of new energy. First, it has acquired the equity of Shanghai new energy held by Shenneng group, and in the past two years, it has established two wholly-owned subsidiaries of Qinghai new energy and Inner Mongolia new energy, of which Qinghai new energy is the main body involved in the acquisition. The announcement on the completion of power generation of Shenneng in the first three quarters of 2018 shows that its equity installed capacity reached 10.2771 million KW, and its holding installed capacity reached 9.9021 million KW, of which the installed capacity of clean energy accounts for about 30%, with 347500 kW of wind power and 34200 kW of photovoltaic power. According to the preliminary calculation, after the completion of this transaction, the installed capacity of photovoltaic holdings increased by nearly 380.12% year-on-year

this time Shenneng shares acquired some projects of TBEA, which is not the first time in this year for its layout in the field of clean energy. On the evening of May 25, Shenneng issued a plan for non-public offering of a shares. According to the plan, Shenneng plans to raise a total of no more than 2billion yuan by issuing non-public shares to major shareholders for the construction of Shenneng Anhui Pingshan Power Plant Phase II project and Shanghai Lingang offshore wind power phase I demonstration project. The Lingang offshore wind power phase I demonstration project was approved by the Shanghai development and Reform Commission in October 2014 by the Shanghai development and Reform Commission on April 23, 2018. The installed capacity of wind power is 100000 kW. The above two projects are expected to be put into operation in 2020 and 2019 respectively. According to the preliminary calculation, the installed capacity of wind power will also increase by nearly 28.78% year-on-year after it is put into operation

Wang Peng, an analyst at Zheshang securities, said: the important premise for the development of the installed scale of clean energy is to ensure consumption. After nearly a decade of development and accumulation, the installed capacity of China's photovoltaic and wind power industries has continued to increase, and the kilowatt hour cost of photovoltaic and wind power has continued to decline. According to various data and calculations, the kWh cost of photovoltaic power generation in 2018 has fallen to 0 56 yuan/kwh, the lower limit of which is close to or partially reaches the benchmark electricity price for desulfurization and coal combustion of thermal power; In terms of wind power generation, the cost per kilowatt hour has been reduced to about 0 5 yuan/kwh. In some areas with high-quality and abundant wind resources, such as Inner Mongolia, the cost of kwh of wind power generation system is even better than that of some thermal power. In the next stage, relevant reform measures such as the reform of the electricity sales side and the renewable energy quota system are advancing smoothly, which is expected to further strengthen the market competitiveness of the above clean energy

it is worth mentioning that Shenneng also recently completed an investment in the field of hydropower, with a 15% stake in the establishment of Qujiang pumped storage company, whose proposed four 300000 kW pumped storage units have been approved by the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission. Pumped storage power station has flexible start and stop, rapid response, peak load regulation, frequency regulation, emergency standby and other functions. The pumped storage power station implements a two-part electricity price. In the pricing document issued by the national development and Reform Commission in 2014, for the capacity electricity price to make up for the fixed cost and the force value of the test is close to the maximum and minimum allowable income of the general testing machine, the income is determined by the risk-free rate of return plus 1-3 percentage points to enhance the combination and use of renewable energy, and the electricity price makes up for the variable costs such as the loss of pumped power generation. Shenwan Hongyuan analysts said that the participation in pumped storage power generation is expected to further improve the company's energy industry chain layout and increase the proportion of clean energy installed capacity

recently, the trend of traditional thermal power enterprises to optimize the industrial structure is obvious, which is also inseparable from the continuous promotion of the national capacity reduction policy. On September 26 this year, the national development and Reform Commission and the energy administration released the target tasks of eliminating backward production capacity in the coal and power industry in 2018 (the first batch). The de capacity of thermal power continues to be promoted, and the backward thermal power production capacity of less than 100000 kW and less than 300000 kW in key areas may be eliminated. According to public information, the coal power of Shenneng Co., Ltd. is an efficient advanced unit with high parameters and low energy consumption, and the coal consumption is lower than the national average. On the basis of maintaining the advantages of thermal power operation, Shenneng continued to expand the layout of new energy field. In addition to the above announced investment projects, the head of relevant departments of Shenneng said: Shenneng has established Fujian new energy preparation office to actively strive for offshore wind power investment and development opportunities in Fujian and Guangdong. In the future, the author will continue to pay attention to how much the layout of the new energy sector will affect the operating performance of Shenneng

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