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Sumitomo rubber spent tens of millions to control exhaust gas

"in the past, you could smell a burning smell from a long distance, but now it's much better!" This is the scene experience of law enforcement officer Wang Ji of Changsha County Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau No. 6 yesterday. In September last year, after receiving complaints about the impact of exhaust emissions on Residents' lives, Sumitomo rubber, located in Xingsha industrial base of Changsha Economic Development Zone, invested more than 10 million yuan to add treatment facilities. This 3D printing will be able to build bone implants, improve treatment methods, and minimize the impact of production on Residents' lives

yesterday, led by a person in charge of the enterprise, law enforcement officers came to the enterprise to check the new exhaust gas treatment facilities. "You will find that the waste gas generated in the production process first enters the dust collector. After ultraviolet treatment, the biological bacteria in the pipeline 'eat' the organic matter in the waste gas, and then enters the boiler for incineration and discharge." The person in charge said that the enterprise mainly produces tires. The raw material of tires is natural rubber. Natural rubber contains protein, which will decay during heating and produce an unpleasant burnt smell. "After the waste gas treatment method is changed from photocatalysis to biocatalysis, this burnt smell can be greatly reduced.". The enterprise has four production lines. At present, the waste gas treatment facilities of lines 1, 2 and 4 have been installed and put into use

according to law enforcement officials, Sumitomo rubber has always had exhaust gas treatment facilities, and its exhaust gas chimney is 35 meters high, which is no more than 15000 dimensionless according to the industrial sewage discharge standard. Previously, the concentration of enterprise exhaust gas was 5000 dimensionless, meeting the industrial emission standard. It is a coaxial hollow tubular structural material composed of a large number of carbon atoms under certain conditions. Changlong Bay and Zihua County, two residential areas nearby, are 1 km and 2 km away from the enterprise respectively, and they are high-rise residential buildings. Affected by the wind direction, the smell will drift to which side. After testing, they fail to meet the living emission standard

"previously, we received more than 10 complaints in a research report recently published in the biomedical material mechanics action every day. After visiting and investigating, we really could smell a burning smell in residents' homes." Law enforcement officials said that after they issued the law enforcement documents, the enterprise investigated the reasons, took out countermeasures and actively rectified. Now the concentration of exhaust gas discharged has been reduced to less than 1000 dimensionless. "Since the transformation of line 3 has not been completed, there is still a small amount of impact, but there are only a few complaints since January, and the situation has been greatly improved." It is reported that the equipment of line 3 has been placed an order, only waiting for the goods, and the installation and commissioning are expected to be completed in March

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