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Sumitomo Construction Machinery regest new sh excavator was born

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Guide: Sumitomo Construction Machinery newly launched small excavator sh, with its loose space and operating performance, rewards confident and proud workers. Adopt new design and equipped with super powerful Isuzu au-4le2x engine; It has the largest 0.38m3 bucket in the same level, taking its excellent operating performance into consideration

Sumitomo Jianji's newly launched small excavator sh rewards confident and proud workers with its loose space and operating performance. Adopt new design and equipped with super powerful Isuzu au-4le2x engine; With the largest 0.38m3 bucket in the same level, it generates revenue and profits for customers with its excellent operating performance

new design, super dynamic operators are not allowed to leave without authorization; Strength brings you enough confidence. The excellent operating performance will be integrated into the overall innovation level and competitiveness of the graphene industry chain into a new shape. The fuselage is beautiful and magnificent as a whole, with the largest 0.38m3 bucket in the same level, bringing excellent operating performance. Large cabs with the same medium and large machinery are used to provide comfortable driving feeling for operators. SH has become a leader in excavators of the same level with its strong operating performance. It perfectly shows the shape of operating performance. Equipped with the trusted Isuzu au-4le2x engine, it brings strong power, greatly improves work efficiency, greatly improves handling, and evolves into a more user-friendly excavator

completely consider for the staff, and provide a superior, loose, comfortable and safe cab. SH's new cab not only improves driving vision and safety, but also realizes driving space beyond the level. It is also equipped with automatic air conditioning and reclining seats, which effectively avoids fatigue driving and pays attention to ergonomics and user experience. The unprecedented sense of comfort, whether it is the sense of safety at work or the sense of relaxation at rest, shows superior high quality after the completion of the physical experiment

easy to maintain and durable, laying a solid foundation for continuous work. SH uses the ground to contact the fuselage, which makes it easier to manage the equipment status every day. From excellent cooling performance to improving the durability of various parts and improving the service life of the connecting part, thoughtful consideration in all aspects makes it very reassuring under high load working conditions, which is another different quality

satellite positioning, intelligent management, everything is under control. Sumitomo smart Wei GPS system can collect the working conditions of the excavator, the location of the machine and other information and send it to the system of the server of the management center. You can get the latest information of the machine through text messages, and you can also master the working state of the machine without being on the construction site

Sumitomo Construction Machinery focuses on construction machinery. In the process of developing the Chinese market, it has established a reliable marketing service system with wide coverage. With the support of excellent R & D strength, more excellent construction machinery with innovative characteristics will also rely on its excellence to control cost and energy, so as to continuously meet the needs of the engineering construction industry

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