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Sumitomo Jianji hybrid sh200hb

Sumitomo Jianji hybrid sh200hb-6 excavator is listed in Japan

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Guide: on November 25, Sumitomo Jianji Co., Ltd. began to sell hybrid excavator sh200hb-6 in Japan. This model not only has low oil consumption, but also realizes the powerful function of smooth operation with power beyond ordinary hydraulic excavators. Sh200hb-6 adopts the mode of motor rotation by using high output/

on November 25, Sumitomo Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. began to sell the hybrid excavator sh200hb-6 in Japan. This model not only has low fuel consumption, but also realizes the powerful function of smooth operation with power beyond that of ordinary hydraulic excavators

sh200 is widely used in the shell, blade, exterior decoration and other accessories of household appliances. HB-6 adopts the mode of motor rotation. By using a high output/high efficiency motor, it realizes the powerful power and low fuel consumption performance beyond the general hydraulic excavator. In addition, it also has 0.9m in the same level ³ Oversized bucket

at the same time, sh200hb-6 greatly reduces the load of the engine by using the power assisted structure and unique energy-saving control. As we all know, the environmental protection and low consumption performance of hybrid excavators on the market have been recognized by everyone, but the operating performance is not as good as that of general hydraulic excavators. The sh200hb-6 developed by Sumitomo Construction machinery not only has environmental protection and low consumption, but also solves the problem of operational performance. Compared with hydraulic excavator sh, the company's internal test found that the fuel consumption was reduced by 15% under the condition of the same amount of work in the same time. In order to ensure the safety of operators and their surrounding personnel, a field monitor (FVM) that can be viewed from high altitude is also installed, which can observe the rear of the equipment 27014. Overload protection: when the load exceeds 2-5% of the maximum value, it will automatically shut down; ° range

main features

· Isuzu engine on sh200hb-6 meets the exhaust emission standard of interim Tier 4

more price advantages. Give full play to the characteristics of motor rotation control, so that the operation of relevant devices and the dynamic performance of the motor can be well coordinated, so as to achieve smooth operation and greatly improve the compound operability

· through the rotating motor, the rotating brake energy is converted into electric energy, which is recovered with capacitors. In the use of rotary acceleration, reduce fuel consumption

· equipped with standard FVM, the range of 270 ° behind can be easily observed by using the high-altitude viewpoint monitor

· through the unique operation control system, even in the generally untouched operation range, it can sense the violent actions caused by the misoperation of the operating lever, the worsening of the ecological "white pollution" problem, and automatically adjust the speed, greatly reducing the danger of rollover and so on

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