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Sumitomo rubber and Binjiang police station jointly build a safe community

Sumitomo rubber and Binjiang police station jointly build a safe community

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on July 17, a special ceremony was held at Changshu Binjiang police station. A number of police patrol cars were officially put into service here, which will inject strong equipment support into local public security patrols. This activity is a strong proof that Sumitomo rubber (China) dental damage Co., Ltd. actively practices the corporate society and realizes its social value. Mr. Naoki Yamada, chairman of the board, together with the leaders of the Public Security Bureau and the police station, held a ceremony and sat down together to talk freely, jointly build a safe community and promote the harmonious and orderly development of society

Yu Kai introduced practicing enterprise society and jointly building a safe community

since the establishment of Changshu Economic Development Zone in 1992, after more than 20 years of planning and development, it has formed a full-featured modern urban area integrating production, residence and commerce. In order to create a safe and secure public security environment and build a harmonious and livable city, the government of the Development Zone proposed the construction goals of "safe community" and "smart community", which received positive responses from enterprises in the zone, including Sumitomo rubber. Since 2013, Sumitomo rubber and Binjiang police station have carried out "building a safe community" activities for many times, which is the seventh time this year

At the ceremony, Xia Jiangang, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau, Huang Xiaohong, member of the Party Working Committee of Bixi new area, and Zhi Guoguang, director of Binjiang police station, attended the ceremony, and fully affirmed the public welfare action of Sumitomo rubber. Chairman Yamada said in the meeting: thank the public security police for their hard work, which has laid a solid foundation for a harmonious social atmosphere and a good living and public security environment, and express heartfelt thanks for this. It is pointed out that Sumitomo rubber will continue to combine enterprise development with society, and strive to create its own value and social value, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises and the further prosperity of regional economy

with the use of a number of police patrol cars, the public security management ability of Binjiang police station and its subordinate units will be enhanced, and the personal and property safety of citizens will be more effectively guaranteed

focus on environmental protection and green development, focus on public welfare and imagine the future

since entering the Chinese market in 2002, Sumitomo rubber has continued to be consumer demand-oriented, implemented the spirit of continuous struggle to move forward, led technological innovation, and provided quality services to the majority of users, giving consumers a satisfactory product experience. Dunlop and Falken, its subsidiaries, bring infinite possibilities to the development of the tire industry with their excellent technological research and development and innovation capabilities

at the same time, Sumitomo rubber has always adhered to the basic concept of "tires can contribute to the earth's environment" for more than a decade, and has continued to invest in green development. With the goal of building a "regional symbiotic enterprise" with harmonious social development, Sumitomo rubber has actively undertaken and fulfilled the social responsibility. Over the years, Sumitomo rubber has carried out activities such as condolence, blood donation, donation, charity student aid, tire safety spot inspection, etc. for many times, closely linking enterprise progress with regional development, and giving back the support given by the government under its jurisdiction with actions. Through various community activities, we can interact well with local people and jointly promote local economic development

in the future, Sumitomo rubber will continue to practice corporate society, pay attention to social welfare undertakings, and work with the government and people with lofty ideals to build a harmonious society and create a better home

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