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Sumitomo Japan started construction in China's phenolic resin stronghold

the phenolic resin molding material stronghold built by Sumitomo bakelite Japan in China has recently officially started production, which is a new phenolic resin molding material factory in the production and marketing of epoxy resin semiconductor sealant 03. The key task point is Sumitomo bakelite Suzhou, with an annual production capacity of 6000 tons. It will take Shanghai as the main object to produce electronic Electrical components and parts supply high-function products with added glass and ammonia free response. The company is a large-scale global enterprise in Japan, which benefits from the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection. The United States, Europe and Asia hold a stronghold of phenolic resin and its molding materials. Due to the official mass production of the Chinese stronghold this time, the global production capacity of the molding materials has been expanded to 100000 tons in recent years

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