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Sumitomo paver 11. Make a good record of the use of the falling pendulum impact testing machine paver jepingba ha90c

Sumitomo paver jepingba ha90c-2 Yunnan debut success

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sunny spring March, warm spring breeze. On the Bank of Weishan City, the ancient capital of Nanzhao, a brand-new Sumitomo ha90c-2 paver appeared on the main transit road beside the ancient city, attracting hundreds of people to stop and watch

Sumitomo ha90c-2 paver

in order to welcome the seventh Dali Weishan snack festival in China, which opened on March 3, the transit trunk road in Weishan County needs to be upgraded. From the delivery of equipment to the completion of road construction and opening to traffic, there is less than a week, which is tight in time, heavy in task and high in requirements. It's time for Sumitomo paver - jiepingba ha90c-2 to show its talents. After simple debugging, it will be put into intense paving construction. The paving operation of one kilometer road surface was successfully completed in half a day, and the high construction efficiency and paving effect were highly praised by the construction party and Party A. in the next two days, Sumitomo paver was quietly building stability and ultra-high efficiency to complete high-quality paving operations with its consistent policy of one piece and coal capacity reduction

Sumitomo ha90c-2 paver

ha90c-2 new asphalt paver is a new crawler asphalt paver produced by Sumitomo Jianji. The new model of ha90c-2 is a brand-new model that was further improved and upgraded from the original model of ha90c J · paver 3075 on the basis of high praise. The maximum paving width of the screed is still maintained at 7.5m when the pilot recycling project is launched, and the minimum paving width is improved from the original 3.0m to 2.8m, which increases practicality and convenience. In addition, after installing the baffles on both sides, the transportation width is also controlled within 3.0m, which effectively improves the transportation efficiency

model features:

1 The new j • paver 2875 telescopic screed with new structure can be used without lengthening the splicing screed. 2 5m paving construction. The maximum paving width can reach 9.0m after splicing the 750mm long screed on the left and right sides. In addition, the structure of its extended spiral blade is improved, which not only shortens the splicing and assembly time, but also greatly reduces the operation cost

2. The hopper is extended by 200mm on the basis of the original ha90c, and the capacity is increased to 13.9 tons, which greatly facilitates the introduction of asphalt materials in construction

pendulum impact testing machine is a kind of impact testing machine 3 The standard heating configuration of the screed is upgraded to a new electrical heating mode

4. A clear color display screen is newly installed in front of the driver's seat and on the left and right screed operation boxes, which can clearly confirm the parameter settings of each device and conduct a real-time assessment of the overall health of the equipment, so as to take preventive countermeasures and greatly prolong the service life of the machine. In addition, it also includes the emergency operation function, so that you can work safely under emergency conditions

Sumitomo ha90c-2 paver

looking forward to the future, with the road traffic construction in Yunnan entering the high-speed development channel, Sumitomo paver will do its part for the road traffic construction in Yunnan by adhering to the spirit of faithfulness and relying on high-quality and efficient Sumitomo technology

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