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Sumitomo chemical of Japan accelerates the international business of propylene rubber

how it also violates the price of foam granulator. Sumitomo chemical industry will officially promote the global business development of ethylene and propylene rubber (EPDM), and will use vanadium catalyst technology to improve product characteristics and processability. In the field of automotive parts and components that are mainly needed, In order to invest in xinju, but there are also many old power lines, people choose to reuse compound cotton, which is a high-purity (98%) cellulose way, hoping to occupy a significant share in the international market. On the supply side, Chiba's production line, which was shut down due to the accident, has recently fully resumed production. At present, it is planned to carry out enhanced actions in early 2002. In the long-term strategy, it is considered to strengthen the supply capacity in the Singapore new construction project in cooperation with Mitsui chemical

about 70% of EPDM is used in automotive parts and components. In addition to predicting that it can replace other rubbers and resins, it is estimated that the demand for thermoplastic elastomer raw materials will also increase. On the other hand, the auto parts and components industry has gradually required global product homogenization. It can be said that the supply to domestic customers in Japan is the supply to the world, so the development opportunities for international business will be expanded

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